2019 U.S. Flag Forever Stamps Roll



U.S. Flag (U.S. 2019)

Announced November 20, 2018. The most recent information will appear after the large illustration and the introductory description from the USPS. The Scott catalogue numbers are also below.
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With this new 2019 stamp, the Postal Service celebrates the American flag, the most recognizable symbol of our nation. The stamp features a U.S. flag, one of several on the flag poles near the end of Chicago’s Navy Pier, waving in a May breeze. The photograph was taken by art director Antonio Alcalá¡.

Denomination:    Forever Stamp
Topic:                  U.S. Flag
Type:                   Sheet (1 roll of 100)

Real Postage Stamps: These are real postage stamps that can mail letters, envelopes, and others, They can cover the international rates the first time, USPS serves any country with a one-ounce letter. One stamp is one ounce.
Forever Stamps: These postage stamps are valid USPS forever postage stamps that can be used at any time, you can send mails no more than 1 ounce by USPS.
Saving Your Time and Money: No need to waste your time and money on the way to the post office for stamps! Our postage stamps are very convenient and also at a nice price!
Easy Use: With self-adhesive, convenient to use. Not only great for postcards, letters, mailing envelopes, or collecting but also suitable for collectibles, birthdays, weddings, parties, celebrations, and so on.

Technical Specifications (coil of 100):

Issue: U.S. Flag 2019 Stamp
Item Number: 740100
Denomination & Type of Issue: First-Class Mail Forever
Format: Coil of 100 (1 design)
Series: N/A
Issue Date & City: January 27, 2019, Kansas City, MO 64108
Art Director: Antonio Alcalá, Alexandria, VA
Designer: Antonio Alcalá, Alexandria, VA
Typographer: Antonio Alcalá, Alexandria, VA
Photographer: Antonio Alcalá, Alexandria, VA
Modeler: Sandra Lane/Michelle Finn
Manufacturing Process: Offset, Microprint
Printer: Banknote Corporation of America
Printed at: Browns Summit, NC
Press Type: Alprinta 74
Stamps per Coil: 100
Print Quantity: 1,900,000,000 stamps
Paper Type: Phosphor Tagged Paper, Overall
Adhesive Type: Pressure-sensitive
Processed at: Banknote Corporation of America
Colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
Stamp Orientation: Horizontal
Image Area (w x h): 0.84 x 0.73 in./21.336 x 18.542 mm
Stamp Size (w x h): 0.96 x 0.871 in./24.384 x 22.123 mm
Plate Size: 744 stamps per revolution
Plate Numbers: “B” followed by four (4) single digits
Coil Number Frequency: Plate numbers every 31st stamp beside stamp image


1*100 Pcs, 2*100 Pcs, 5*100 Pcs, 10*100 Pcs


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