Hearts Blossom Forever Stamps



Hearts Blossom is the latest stamp in the Love series. The stamp art features the word ”Love” in the cursive script below 12 colorful hearts meant to visually express love’s joyful, bountiful nature. The color palette of red, purple, orange, and pink is intended to create a happy and positive feeling. Art director Antonio Alcala designed the stamp.
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Item location
Oakland, CA 94605

Product Key Features

Denomination:    Forever Stamp
Topic:                  Hearts Blossom
Type:                   Sheet (1 sheet of 20PCS)

Weight :             0.8 Ounces
Height:               272mm
Width:                449mm
Length:              520mm



1*100 Pcs, 2*100 Pcs, 5*100 Pcs, 10*100 Pcs


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